About us

Innovating Beekeeping for a Sustainable Future

We're on a mission to bring a fresh and modern approach to beekeeping challenges. 

We provide products that keep up with the latest trends in agriculture today. Our focus is on important global issues like food safety, animal well-being, and protecting the environment. These values aren't just part of our business; they're at the core of what we believe in. 

Come join us as we blend innovation with tradition, working towards a future where bees and beekeepers can thrive sustainably.

Join us and make the planet a better place.

What we stand for

Empowering beekeepers with safe, effective solutions to safeguard bee health.

Our commitment to eco-friendly, chemical-free practices underscores our dedication to organic beekeeping and environmentally conscious agriculture.

Explore our product offerings for comprehensive solutions to support bee well-being.

Meet the Members of our Hive

Dominik N. Hohl, CEO

Werner Hohl, Founder

Livia Haberl,

Representative of Austria and Germany



Daniela Hölzle,

Representative of France



Azucena Marques, Representative of Spain and Portugal  



Paola Carulli,

Representative of Italy



Martin Sosnar,

Key account manager of EU 



Miguel Capano,

Representative of Spain



Our brand ambassadors

Sebastian Katz 

Ambassador Germany

Senior Ambassador


Apicoltura Colle Salera

Ambassador Italy



Telmo Cabral 

Ambassador Portugal