The natural colony booster

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made by BeeVital


The natural colony booster

BeeStrong® by BeeVital is a top-tier bee feed concentrate derived from natural sources, designed to foster resilient bee colonies.

This high-quality, concentrated feed enhances brood health, fortifying larvae and improving the overall vitality of your hives.

BeeStrong offers natural support, ensuring strong and thriving bee colonies.

Elevate your beekeeping success with BeeVital's BeeStrong and experience the transformation of your hives.

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In the face of mounting challenges—Parasites, Pathogens, Poor Nutrition, and Pesticides, or the '3 Ps'—bee colonies need our support. While we can't alter the environment or eradicate diseases, we can fortify our bees to overcome these stressors.
A resilient colony boasts healthy and vigorous bees. 
Three key elements fuel their strength: Population, Nutrition, and Health.
Population: Ensure a bountiful hive brimming with active, robust bees through good health and nourishment.
Nutrition: Elevate your bees with high-quality sustenance, especially during the critical autumn and early spring periods.
Health: Maintain impeccable hive hygiene and rear healthy larvae.
1. Spring Vitality Boost: Give your colony a head start in the new season with a nourishing stimulus feed. This fosters a strong, healthy brood, setting the stage for a productive season ahead.

2. Winter Preparation: As summer wanes, it's time to focus on raising robust winter bees. These resilient bees are the key to successful overwintering, ensuring a promising start to the next season.

3. Ongoing Hive Support: Stay vigilant throughout the beekeeping season. When issues with brood development crop up and nectar becomes scarce, our supplementary feeding solutions come to the rescue. Safeguard your hive's well-being and productivity with our targeted assistance.
- We recommend feeding BeeStrong® at least twice a year. This results in a requirement of approx. 100 ml BeeStrong per colony / year.
- For commercial use BeeStrong® is also available in 5L canisters.

- For 1 colony, simply stir 25 to 50ml of BeeStrong® in sugar syrup. Use at least 1/2L syrup per colony for dilution, (2L recommended).

- Stir well and feed to the bees. Repeat after 2 weeks if necessary.

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Size guide

- 100 ml: Serves 2-4 colonies

- 250 ml: Serves 5-10 colonies

- 500 ml: Serves 10-20 colonies

- 5l: serves 100-200 colonies


2-4 colonies

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5-10 colonies

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10-20 colonies

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100-200 colonies

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