Innovative all-in-one tester for your colonies

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Innovative all-in-one tester for your colonies

The Varroa Tester was developed according to the recommendations of the European Food Safety Authority.

To keep bee colonies healthy, one must be able to correctly assess the stress situation in one's hive. This requires repeated diagnosis by the beekeeper. Depending on the time, the following different methods are useful.

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Easy to use

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The Tester is conveniently divided into three components, eliminating the necessity for extra tools or equipment.

Our Tester is suitable for organic beekeeping practices and requires no Licensing.

How to use 

Test I – Powdered Sugar-Test

1. Collect around 300 bees. Fill container A up to the second level with them.

2. Close container A with cover B

3. Put a teaspoon of powdered sugar into container C.

4. Screw the container C to the bottom of the container A and shake it for 1-2 minutes, so that the powdered sugar sprinkles the bees thoroughly.

5. Make sure that most of the powdered sugar has fallen to the bottom of container C, then unscrew only the container C.

6. Pour water into it to dissolve the sugar. Count the mites that float in the water.

7. Up to 3 mites – small infestation, 3-10 – medium. Above 10 – large.

8. release the bees

Test II – CO2-Test

1. Collect about 300 bees from the brood chamber and fill them into the container. 

2. Close the container.

3. Fill CO2 into the tester until the bees are stunned and shake it for 1-2 minutes.

4. Unscrew only the container without the bees inside and count the fallen mites.

Test III – In addition you can do the Alcohol Wash-Test and test the cleaning instinct / hygienic behavior of the bees