Attractant for the Velutina Trap

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made by BeeVital


Attractant for the VelutinaTrap

This attractant is entirely made of natural fermented extracts of plants and sweet substances. 

Our Attractant was specifically developed for the BeeVital VelutinaTrap to control the Vespa velutina nigrithorax (invasive Asian hornet).


Add the enclosed activator to the attractant, shake the closed bottle well for 30 seconds and pour the finished Attractive into the VelutinaTrap.

The hornets attracted by the attractant follow the light in the trap and remain in the collection containers.

Please note the instructions on the bottle label.

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- Our attractant comprises exclusively natural, fermented extracts derived from plants and sweet compounds. 

- This unique blend not only lures a diverse range of insects but also generates a significant buzz around the trap, further attracting hornets to the site. 

- This increased activity around the trap enhances its overall effectiveness.

- Furthermore, the design ensures that only hornets remain within the trap, allowing other insect species to easily exit. 

- This selective feature makes our attractant highly efficient in achieving its intended purpose of hornet capture.

- 400 ml for a trap when first used.
- Refill the attractant regularly to maintain the attractiveness of the traps.