Superfood for Bees

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Superfood for Bees

Bees make honey, not sugar syrup. So why do we still feed them sugar syrup?

We have developed BeeElixir® specially for optimal bee nutrition to cover the broad spectrum of nutrients colonies need to survive and to thrive - under any conditions: dry weather, wet weather, spring, fall, winter, split or large colony.

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Not your regular Sugar Syrup

Compared to normal sugar syrup, which actually shortens the lifespan of your bees, BeeElixir allows your bees to live longer by keeping them healthy.


brood health


digestive system


immune system


flight capacity


What's better for bees?

> nourishes bees

> improves gut health and digestion

> enhances memory and flight capacity

> compensates a lack of nutrients


Superfood for Bees


Sugar Syrup

Cheap and unhealthy


- Honeybee colonies primarily produce honey for sustenance, supplemented by sugar syrup.
- BeeElixir® is introduced as an advanced apicultural product designed for optimal bee nutrition.
- It caters to comprehensive nutritional requirements, promoting resilience and flourishing in various environmental conditions, including dry periods, wet seasons, and transitional periods like spring, fall, and winter, as well as for splits, whether small or expansive.
BeeElixir® is a game-changer for your honeybee colonies, and here's why:

- The flight capacity and memory ability are highly increased, this augments the performance of the bee colonies which is beneficial for the honey harvest.

- The bee's immune system is improved, which provides better defence against diseases and toxins.

- Different sources of prebiotics and probiotics which is favourable for the bee's digestive system and improves the gut biome significantly.

- It can be used anytime during the season, leading to stronger bees with a bigger fat body.

- It supports your bees in harsh environmental conditions with a lack of nectar, pollen or drought weather or to build up a reserve after summer harvest.
For winter feeding, throughout the year during drought and lack of nectar, incentive feeding and buildup of splits.
How to use BeeElixir
BeElixir® contains ~70% sugars and should be diluted according to seasonal needs of the colony: 

• Spring incentive feeding: mix BeeElixir® with water 1:3

• Shortage compensation (lack of pollen, lack of nectar): mix BeeElixir® with water 1:2 

• Support in drought periods: mix BeeElixir® with water 1:3

• Queen breeding: mix BeeElixir® with water 1:1

• Winter Feeding: feed pure BeeElixir®

What our customers think...

"We had discovered your products in a Youtube video by Jupp (BeeLive) and were very skeptical, as we had never heard of such products before. We ordered and used some for testing. We are very surprised about the success with the products BeeElixir and BeeStrong in terms of colony development and strength. The hives were overflowing with bees. We have therefore ordered supplies straight away and will continue to use them. Thank you very much" -Konrad Schattke